Ever wanted to learn to draw, and felt it was not possible or you didn’t have a creative bone in your in your body?  Drawing comes naturally for some, however it is a learned technique also – which means anyone can learn at the beginning!

With our very own life drawing specialist teacher, you will learn how to transform your drawing from stick figures to represent real life forms!  Peeta has the depth of teaching experience and the capacity to teach all levels from beginners to more experienced.

Date: 3rd of May to 7th of June (Wednesday Evenings 6pm – 8.30pm)

Cost: $120 for 6 sessions (Booking deposit is $30)

Casual  $30 per session (Please Note: advanced booking is required by the Monday prior to attending)


Peeta Boyd is a Newcastle born artist who grew up with an immense love for our city and the culture it brings. Peeta has an extensive knowledge in art, spanning over 60 years. He trained at the National Art School in Hunter street in the 60’s then took this training to a new level at East Sydney Tech.

Peeta trained in general art, painting and drawing. Drawing, specifically life drawing, will always be Peeta’s favourite medium as he himself is a Life Drawing Specialist Teacher. Peeta believes drawing is the most essential part of all art which is why he applies so much effort and has a huge passion for teaching the important techniques.

Peeta is passionate about ancient history, mythology and local history. This can be seen in some incredible urban, sea and rural landscapes from all around the world that he has done. His aim for the future is to practise more historical paintings.

Since the digital age Peeta has had a focused on digital art, with being lucky enough to film a prestigious Tongan coronation for the King in early 2000. Along with being struck with luck to film the Japanese Princess and many other foreign dignitaries.

Earlier this year Peeta was a volunteer drawing teaching at the respected Mandara School in Bali where he had a short yet wonderful time. We are so lucky to have Peeta on board with us at Art Mania Studio!

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