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Drum your way to happy!

Drumming has been used in traditional cultures for centuries – for celebration, marking community events, healing and social connection.  It is only in recent times that we have now gained scientific understanding of how group drumming benefits us socially, emotionally and biologically.  There is a host of neurochemical and autonomic changes that occur in our brains when we participate in drumming – it is understood that these changes bring about feelings of social connection, safety, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and an overall sense of positivity.  It is likely that musical rhythm operates on parts of the brain that also mediate blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and potentially cognitive and motor functions.

Rhythm is part of the human experience soon after conception where our earliest development happens on the backdrop of our mothers heartbeat.  Humans are intrinsically habitual, patterned or “rhythmic” beings – rhythms that carry on largely, without our conscious awareness.  It is not surprising that our bodies respond in such a profound way to rhythm!

Drumming for Wellness is run by Alison, an experienced Occupational Therapist.  Occupational Therapists are holistic health professionals who are trained to combine science and creativity to help people engage meaningfully in life.  Alison has worked for many years with people who have had to regain their rhythm after experiencing injury, illness, disability and trauma.  Drumming became a passion for Alison after buying her very own djembe (hand drum) on a whim in a music store 13 years ago.  Since then she has played in bands and drum circles and now uses drumming in a rehabilitation healthcare setting where she currently works.

Check out our video introduction to Drumming for Wellness on YouTube.