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April 2020


By | Art, Lifestyle

Let me introduce you to Sam, part of our team and also a member of Art Mania Studio’s Business Development Program.
Before we went into lockdown, we were supporting Sam at our studio in her art and personal development studies.  

Sam participated in an art session in February that combined the creative powers of paint and music.
Sam worked with art teacher Ashlee, who chose the music for the session and provides support for Sam’s visual impairment.

“It’s about being in the zone,” Ashlee explained. “Painting the movement of the music and what emotions might come up in connection to the music.”

“Painting to the music reminds me of meditation,” Sam says.
“When I’m painting, I’m not thinking about things. I’m connected to the music and I just paint what feels right.”

“Yes, it’s not about technique, or thinking about what colours to use,” Ashlee added. “It’s very freeing.”

As I watch Sam paint, I can see how she likens the process to meditation. There is mindfulness in the way she paints.
Dipping her brush in colours without hesitation, the instrumental music connects to her paintbrush to create lines and shapes.
There is an instinctive feel to this process, an emotional experience that flows from sound and the stillness of being. 

Painting is only one of the mediums Sam creates with at Art Mania Studio. She also works in clay, resin and mosaic mediums.

One of the challenges Sam faces now is how to continue her art now that she is in lockdown at home.
She is currently participating in online art sessions via Zoom, and we have invited Sam to share her thoughts with you through blog updates.

Stay tuned for some personal posts from Sam!


By | Art

Having a space to create and keep yourself or others in the house entertained during this lock down time is super important.

If your home allows, having a dedicated area for creativity is a great way to ensure you invest time into things that keep your brain active and your nervous system calm.


We throw away so many things that could be used for creating.
Make it a habit from now to wash out any plastic food containers and keep all those empty toilet rolls, bottles and bottle lids


Here is an idea to fill an afternoon or two:

  • Set up a table in your home that can become your dedicated creative zone.
  • Use ice-cream, mushroom, yoghurt or other larger containers to store craft supplies in. Having everything in containers allows you to grab them out when you want to use something and keeps everything neat and contained.
  • Use smaller containers as brush and pen holders or for water for brush cleaning when painting.
  • Get creative and create a castle using these different sized containers and toilet rolls standing up on their end. Glue all together using PVA glue or hot glue and create a multi-level storage castle that can fit on one end of your creative work space. This allows everything you need to be easily accessible. 
  • You could paint the castle and label the different areas accordingly to make the structure visually stunning and user friendly. 


Send us a pic of your creative space!

Email to hello@artmaniastudio.com.au or tag us on your socials #artmaniastudio


Stay tuned as Art Mania Studio will keep bringing you ideas on how to stay creative whilst at home.