Art Accessories & supplies


All the resins we stock are great resins in there own right, they just have different characteristics. They all dry to a high gloss finish and are all 1 to 1 mixing ratio.


Art Resin is an epoxy resin and is certified non toxic and has excellent UV resistants and is the thinnest of all the resins we stock. Therefore, it is great for artists that like the colours to move and blend more. On the other hand, the down side it is the most expensive and it is the softest when dry and isn’t heat resistant enough to have a hot cuppa on it if it is used for coasters. Working time is about 45 mins.


Similarly, Total Cast resin is a polymer resin which has excellent UV stability and is certified non toxic but down side is it is a bit more expensive also. It also flows a bit more freely than Dalchem and Master cast resins but not quite as thin as Art Resin. Working time is about 35 mins.


Master cast is non toxic and UV resistant epoxy resin and a bit cheaper than Total Cast. It dries the hardest out of the non toxic resins from our tests. It is thicker than Total Cast which helps get better edges on your work and your design won’t move as much. Working time is about 30 mins.


Dalchem Crystal Clear epoxy resin is UV resistant but it isn’t certified non toxic. It is a thicker epoxy resin similar to the Master cast which makes it easier to get good coverage on the sides of boards and it is easier to achieve a certain design as it doesn’t move quite as much. It is also more heat resistant than the other 3 resins if you are going to use it for coasters. About 80 degrees compared to about 60 degrees before they soften and mark. The Dalchem is also the cheapest resin and was the hardest once dry in our tests. Working time is about 30 mins. If you would like it a bit thinner you can warm it up and it gets runnier.

To sum up, all of our resin colour products work fantastic with all of the resins we stock.

Pinata Alcohol Inks 14ml/120ml

A beautiful range of highly saturated acid-free alcohol inks. Piñata Alcohol inks are available in assorted colours including 5 metallic colours in 120ml and 14ml sizes. They are more heavily pigmented than Ranger and Copic Alcohol inks to give an intense strong colour.

*this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

Additionally, can be dropped onto the top of wet resin for effects or can be used by themselves on a variety of substrates including Tiles & Yupo paper and Aluminium panel boards and coasters

Art Boards

Range of Primed Art Boards in Round, Rectangle & Square. These boards have been double primed and sanded between coats to ensure a smooth finish. Our art boards are suitable for pouring of resin, as the timber top won’t sag causing the resin to pool. For example, they are also suitable for acrylics, oils, watercolours, flow mediums and other mixed media.