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Spring Garden

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Glass Fusing Spring Garden

What is a garden without soil or water? hmmm… probably a pretty dead one I would imagine!  This project is for those who love a spring garden, but don’t really want to get their hands dirty or have to do any maintenance – yes pretty perfect really!

Fee Madigan, the studio’s creative director has designed a glass project for the absolute beginner!

She was recently asked, ‘Gosh Fee, how much experience do you need to do that, is it hard?’

She loves to see the reaction on people’s faces when she can respond with – “that’s a beginner project!”

The Glass Spring Garden project is completed in a day, then fired and ready to display for all to admire! You will use a variety of glass options to make it all come to life. All students will be guided through the process on how to use glass frit, which is simply crushed glass sprinkled on like table salt.  The frit is made by crushed glass made into a variety of sizes.  For example she uses chunky pieces of frit to make some of the lavender flower clusters and the finer frit was used to create the sky and foreground before planting the green foliage, and the flower garden.

The world of glass has endless possibilities. Come & fall in love with this beautiful art form & make a piece that can be passed down through generations.

Don’t wait up – Bookings for the Glass Fusing Spring Garden available HERE!

Art Mania Studio, always striving to be Your Happy Place.

Open Studio Night, Soup & Damper

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Studio Open Night – Soup & Damper Studio Birthday Bash!

This term we warmed up Wallsend with delicious soups, birthday candles & a cosy fire at our Studio Open Night. Each term Art Mania Studio holds this event to showcase the upcoming array of workshops, block courses & weekly classes available at the studio.

Between 6 & 8:30pm over 50 people got to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere & live art demonstrations. With wine in hand & soup in bellies everyone further tantalised their taste buds with the delectable range of creative opportunities on offer.

A highlight of the evening was the launch of the upcoming July School holidays Art Attack schedule. Face painting demonstrations opened everyone’s eyes to how fun the family face painting workshop will be, & Clay Play, Enchanted Succulent Gardens & Superhero Cartoons were just the tip of the huge range of arty goodness on offer.


A few special folk also left with extra big smiles as they scored the lucky door prizes of some of the beautiful handmade glass art the studio creates. Art Mania Studio couldn’t go past the rainbow cake to celebrate their 10th Birthday which beautifully topped off the night. Fee Madigan, the studio’s director, spoke from the heart, thanking all who came & all who helped. “It truly is a Happy Place, not just for those we welcome through our doors, but for me & the incredible team who make this life of creativity worthwhile.”

This community hub will be opening our doors again in Term 3 for another Studio Open Night, but before that we’re excited about the Rug & a Mug event. Live music, hot soups, hot chai & of course, lots of art.

See you in Your Happy Place,


Art Mania Studio

Drumming for wellness

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Drum your way to happy!

Drumming has been used in traditional cultures for centuries – for celebration, marking community events, healing and social connection.  It is only in recent times that we have now gained scientific understanding of how group drumming benefits us socially, emotionally and biologically.  There is a host of neurochemical and autonomic changes that occur in our brains when we participate in drumming – it is understood that these changes bring about feelings of social connection, safety, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and an overall sense of positivity.  It is likely that musical rhythm operates on parts of the brain that also mediate blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and potentially cognitive and motor functions.

Rhythm is part of the human experience soon after conception where our earliest development happens on the backdrop of our mothers heartbeat.  Humans are intrinsically habitual, patterned or “rhythmic” beings – rhythms that carry on largely, without our conscious awareness.  It is not surprising that our bodies respond in such a profound way to rhythm!

Drumming for Wellness is run by Alison, an experienced Occupational Therapist.  Occupational Therapists are holistic health professionals who are trained to combine science and creativity to help people engage meaningfully in life.  Alison has worked for many years with people who have had to regain their rhythm after experiencing injury, illness, disability and trauma.  Drumming became a passion for Alison after buying her very own djembe (hand drum) on a whim in a music store 13 years ago.  Since then she has played in bands and drum circles and now uses drumming in a rehabilitation healthcare setting where she currently works.

Check out our video introduction to Drumming for Wellness on YouTube.

Lefty or righty?

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Are you a lefty or a righty – and does it really matter?

Art, creativity, growth & health….. Once upon a time….just kidding! Ok, let’s look at the brain, are you a lefty or a righty? Left is our logical side, right is our creative side.

In all the work I have done, I have my own simple theory on this and how it can also work for someone who feels they run predominantly from the left brain.

From birth to 5 years, we grow and develop, learn to crawl, walk, eat, drink from a cup, play, imagine, dress up, and so on…then we head off to school, where more often than not our creative brain is pushed aside to engage the logic brain, reading, writing and maths etc. So, from year 1 through until we complete school (as a general rule), our logic brain is engaged more than our creative brain. What happens to the creative side of us then?

Unless we are otherwise engaging our creative brains, and have the skills to switch from logic to creative when we choose, some of us grow to believe we are not creative at all. I don’t know how many times I have heard people say, “but I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” Well, the fact is, we all do!

It really depends on the amount of engagement our right brain has experienced as a child and through our schooling, and the stimulus response (positive or negative) gained through those creative experiences. For example, I often see our kids in our after-school classes so excited to attend to get their art on each week – changing from logic to creative brain – and parents who are encouraging and interested in what they are creating, further enhance this positive stimulus. Having a healthy dose of both brain hemispheres is the best approach by far… by exploring the potential of art which encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities.

Love n light, Fee