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OMG – What a Lineup!

The year just flies by, and now winter is drawing to an end; we have another jam packed program of classes and workshops for everyone. Here is our web link to get you there faster. or join us on Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with the latest photos and antics of the studio!

Soup & Damper Night – Want to see what we do and how we do it?
This Friday night – 25th August starting 5.30 pm to 8.30pm
Come & enjoy the warmth of the studio a ‘SNAP SHOT’, with hot soup, great company & our roaring indoor fire this Friday night! Don’t forget to book in as this is a catered event! We have a line up of live demonstrations on the night. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the artists and teachers on the night!

Saturday Morning Art Classes for Kids!
We’ve had ongoing requests to run art classes for children and young people on Saturday mornings – NOW commencing on Saturday 14 Oct through to the 18th of November, 6 weeks of lessons for the creative ones!
Our school holiday program for October hols will be out in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the website for the schedule. Parents please be mindful not to leave registering until the last minute, these workshops book out fast, we had a number of kids disappointed last holidays.

Feeling warm after the Wallsend Winter Fair?
Perfect weather! LOT’S of people! Our pottery, mosaic and macramé demonstrations were a hit and we loved all our visitors at our mini gallery stall where we got to show the wonderful variety of creations made at AMS.

Term 4 – Want something NEW to tickle your fancy?
Yes please! AMS have organised:

  • Glow in the dark Resins (NEW to Newcastle) workshops. Using clear resin and adding a photo-luminescent pigment, your artwork will glow as darkness fails, giving you up to 8-12 hours of glowing light radiating from your artwork. Once the light falls on the resin area it will recharge again similar to solar lights giving you a glow once again.
  • Serviette Art – Découpage with a twist classes. This class is for those who are not confident with painting, and wish to create masterpieces using the designs from serviettes applied to various forms including; silver serving trays or tea pots etc…and then finally adding a little paint medium to jazz it up further. A brilliant opportunity to up-cycle those relicts hidden in the cupboard.
  • Juju Workshop – Traditional African Décor. Traditionally the Juju hat (Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn hat) is a headdress worn by the royal dancers of the Bamiléké tribes in Africa during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief. They symbolize prosperity and are believed to posses the positive qualities of birds as well as the beauty and fragility of life. Now commonly trending in Australia as an integral part of interior designer homes as the popular organic wall art piece.Learn how to make your very own in this short workshop with Debbie Macorig!

There is so much more on offer at Art Mania Studio, so please feel free to share this with your friends, grab a bunch of friends and join us here at the studio for creativeness and giggles!
Community Pots Project – How pretty is Wallsend now!
Our pot project is complete! Well done and congratulations to all who were involved. If you haven’t witnessed the mosaic art work, take a stroll down Nelson St & admire the incredible work done by our wonderful community members.

Your trash is our treasure!
The Studio is still looking for donations for up-cycling art projects:
Unwanted tiles and other inclusions for mosaic projects including: Old jewellery bits, old watches, beads, glass jewels/roundels, old pendants, small ornaments etc.
We are gathering old jeans, adults and kids for an up-cycling rug project. Any colour and size, holes etc…These will be cut up so it really doesn’t matter what condition these are in.
Drop them by the studio, come in and say hi!

What’s Global Voice?
AMS is partnering with Newcastle Family Support to run a 3-week Mosaic Program, commencing Wednesday 6th September. This program is tailored to women who require support. Please contact Lauren Graham at Newcastle Family Support on 0249 263 577 to talk further about this process.
We want to tell a story.
In the safety & sanctuary of art.
Express all that is within, all that is without.
The silence ends here.
Join us to create a Global Voice.

Kids Class Blog Post 23rd August 2017


For our Kids After School Classes we continue to explore artists, mediums, and material in both 2 and 3D. Our lesson on drypoint etching taught the students the basic techniques on how to make their own prints.

We gave our mini artists a picture of Freida Kahlo and they made their own 2d images come off the surface in our mixed media lessons. There were some really creative paper flower head pieces made.

We made some awesome sculptures from clay which they will paint later in the term.

We set up a still life and got out some charcoal and chalk pastels for our lesson on drawing a cast shadow. We wanted to show the students how, by adding in a shadow, it can make the object look grounded and not floating in space. More drawing tips to come

Our Mosaic tiles are coming to life and are really impressive, look forward to seeing the final product.

Plenty more fun lessons to come, stay tuned…

Glass Fusing Blog

Glass Fusing Blog

Our Thursday morning Glass classes are all about getting together for a chat and sharing creative ideas. Whichever method of glass you choose, lead-lighting or fusing and slumping glass the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Events that stand out over the past few weeks has been farewelling a long time class mate Alan who completed his quirky dinner set and set of masks. Alan started fusing and slumping glass at Art Mania in May last year and has entertained us over the last 10 months with his latest design as he told another tall tale. He will be missed and here are some of his whimsical designs to enjoy.

Deb and Denise have been getting very creative about using up the small pieces of glass that you collect along the way, they could write their own blog on the 101 ways to use scrap glass. They have made hundreds of glass balls to use in their designs, from soap dishes to large plates here are some applications for these glass balls.

Cara keeps us inspired with her latest creation often initiated at home. She keeps of piece of glass that has caught her eye nearby waiting for it to speak the image to her. Cara works a lot with frit to create soft tranquil landscapes enhanced by the unique features found in the glass. In this photo she is bending stringers with a candle to create fine lines in her seascape image.

If you are thinking about joining us start searching on Pinterest, Facebook or Google for ideas to follow during your five-week course. Please remember to start fairly simple to gain experience in technique as you build up to your masterpiece(s).

What’s Coming up at AMS in April and May

Farewell to Daylight Savings…and hello cooler weather! Wow so we are nearly through a quarter of the year already! The Art Mania Team would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new creators and a big shout out to those of you who are continuing on creating with us!

Kids Programs:
The kids after school art classes are on their final week before the Easter and school holiday break. We have had an amazing term with the kids busy learning new skills and enhancing existing techniques. Unfortunately we are not offering a school holiday program over Easter…instead we are hiring a skip bin – yes you guessed it – our annual clean up before Winter is upon us. Art Mania will be open and operational as normal during business hours. We will however be closed the Easter Long Weekend.

Term 2 is shaping up to be a buzzing delight! Our Tuesday After School Art Program classes are currently at capacity. We have some places remaining on Thursdays from 4 to 5.30pm, and Teens Classes from 6 to 7.30pm. So please if you haven’t already re-booked or booked your children in – send us an email or give us a call to do so.

What’s New:
We have loads on the ‘What’s Coming Up’, schedule which we have included in this newsletter to wet your appetite. And remember you don’t need to be creative with these workshops. They are for anyone – not just the ‘arty-farty’. All the workshops are based around ‘LEARNED TECHNIQUES’, so once you learn the application and techniques you are able to complete the projects. I wish I had a dollar for every time I hear, “I wish I was creative, but I’m not so I can’t do it!” So why not give something a go…and I’m certain with guidance and our teaching support you can achieve it too!

Wheel Throwing Pottery Course:
It’s finally here…we are so excited to be offering wheel throwing pottery classes in May! We welcome David Grillmeier to our team who will be commencing 2 courses in May. One course offered on Wednesday Evenings and the other offered on Saturday Mornings. These will be small intimate classes of 6, so if you are interested, please don’t leave it until the last minute to book, jump over to our website, secure your place in the class by paying a deposit of $40, and the balance paid on the first day of your class. No experience required!

Life Drawing:
Welcome to the Art Mania team, Peeta Boyd life drawing specialist! Peeta joins our team of experienced teachers offering weekly life drawing classes. You can read more about Peeta’s life as an artist on our website under the Staff Tab. This life drawing class will be an ongoing weekly program made up of 6 weekly sessions. There will be different experienced life models throughout each 6 week cluster. Bookings are essential and discounts available for advance payments. $120 for 6 weeks, or $30 per session for casual attendance. Peeta is also offering a reduced fee for invited practicing artists to join the group. Please phone us for further details if you would like to attend as an invited artist. Our past life drawing classes were such a hit, we have these on offer again commencing in May.

Up-Cycle Raggy Quilt:
Something different for those of you who are interested in making a throw, small quilt or even bigger! I chose this class to run purely because I wanted to make a ‘Memorial Quilt’. You see I lost my parents over the last 4 years and I have kept some of their favourite clothing thinking that ‘One Day’ I would create something from them. I always use time as an excuse that I haven’t done anything with these yet! I didn’t want to go an do an intensive quilting course – I want instant gratification – well almost! A project I can complete in a short space of time and one I can use to toss over my legs in winter and have my parents close to me. This throw is made from 3 layers of fabric, middle layer flannelette for warmth, and I intend on using my parents clothing as part of the top layer. Pam our delightful trainer will demonstrate the ease of completing one of the quilts in our up-coming short course. Pam has an extensive background in sewing and quilting, so even if you think you can’t stitch a straight line, Pam will show us some short cuts how to bring this quilt to life. The size you wish to make is entirely up to you. All you need is a basic sewing machine and you are off and away! Registrations are now open for this short course.

Community Pots Up-date:
Most of you will already know we are working on a joint funded project with Pat Conroy’s office and in partnership with the Wallsend Town Business Association to beautify the 40 large pot planter troughs featured in Nelson Street Wallsend. Each has a mosaic design on all 4 sides of each pot. There are a number of these depicting aspects of Wallsend historic buildings and events, community scenes, The Wetlands, etc. Others feature colourful abstract designs to tie in the beautification of the Wallsend Community. We have approximately 10 remaining to complete. Any feedback on these works is greatly appreciated. The WTBA will be employing a service provider to maintain the growth and water of new plants now that summer has moved on. Our aim is to have this project finalised by the end of July 2017.

Signing off for now – plenty in store for everyone. Don’t forget Mother’s day is approaching, so if you are lost for what to treat her to – why not a gift voucher to one of our classes or workshops.

Take care and have a wonderful Easter Break. For those of you who are on the road traveling, stay safe,
Cheers Fee

Kids Mania

Kids Mania

We started the term with a lesson inspired by Street artist Banksey. The kids made their own brick wall backdrop, which they then layered stencils over the top. We got some great results!

Our collagraph lesson spread over two weeks. The first week we made the collagraph plates, some kids used string dipped in glue to map out their designs, others used fabric and mesh and some kids took the scratching back into the impasto medium approach and used text. The challenge with the text as with a lot of printmaking approached the text has to be written backwards so when printed reads normal. This was a very experimental class and printing the plate is always a surprise. These kids took it on and seemed to embrace the experimental class.

Printing week we introduced the kids to our etching and block press, which they will become even more familiar with throughout the year. Some kids printed their plates intaglio styles and others relief. Good first time around, would like to do some more collagraph and experimenting later in the year.

Our 3rd lesson we gave kinetic sculptures a crack. The kids followed te demo version and put their spin on it. Our Tuesday class as a majority enjoy colouring their kinetic sculpture, Thursday as a majority took a more minimalist approach with decorating. The inspiration for this lesson was an artist named Alexander Calder who created some amazing kinetic sculptures.

We got the paints out for our monochromatic painting lesson. The kids seemed to understand the limits with colour for this lesson.

We are aiming to do a bit more colour theory lessons, but always with loads of fun!

We want to keep fresh fun ideas flowing, and watch the kids make some really cool artworks!


Wallsend Community Pot Project

Art Mania Studio in collaboration with the the Wallsend Town Business Association have begun working on the ‘Wallsend Community Pot Project‘. With a team of 5 artists to work on this project, we have the task to beautify 40 boring old planter boxes (pots) on the footpath of Nelson St, Wallsend with Mosaic Art Works. These are not your typical tiles and mortar mosaics…these pots will feature different types of art media from tiles, glass, crockery and fused glass inclusions etc.

Remembrance Planter has been installed!


Our aim was to complete the first planter, located at the Wallsend Rountunder, in time for ANZAC day. So we worked from daylight to dark and beyond to complete! By Sunday afternoon we were ready to empty and collect the old existing planter from the Street and return to the studio to collect the new refurbished planter. Shortly thereafter we were visited by 2 police officers looking for the man driving the truck who took a garden planter from the main street.

By this time we were running against the daylight diminishing so we all needed a good belly laugh! Visiting officers also had a chuckle…we reminded them we have 40 pots to eventually remove and perhaps they needed to call me prior to checking out the next good samaritan call regarding planters in Wallsend being stolen!

mms_img-1898316045The aim of this project is to not only beautify the street/s of Wallsend, but to create a community inclusive event, where anyone who would like to be involved has the option to do so. Learn some new skills, create some new friends and reignite a supportive community spirit within our town! Each planter box takes around 40 – 50 man hours in time to create from design to installation…so we have a huge job ahead of us and we want the community involved.

Some of our local partners involved so far; include: Wallsend Town Business Assoc, Wallsend Bunnings, local participating schools and other community groups, Rotary, Wallsend Stockland, Greater Building Society, and hopefully many other partners will join this project. Art Mania Studio will provide the weekly on-going space, the support from our artists, a cozy friendly atmosphere, plus coffee and tea on tap.

Over the next few weeks we will put out a schedule of times and dates for those who wish to participate. I would like to extend this invitation to both services and individuals who would like to bring community groups in to be a part of the project. If you have a group in mind, or know someone who would like to be involved, please contact the studio on 49550509.

We will also be looking for ‘in kind’ support in the following areas:

  • Old rags cut to about 30cm pieces
  • Paper towel
  • Latex Free gloves in all sizes
  • Tiles, old crockery etc
  • Large Bin Liners (strong)
  • Ice-cream containers or similar

We look forward to the coming weeks and showcasing the future planters to come!

The New and Improved Art Mania Studio

We are IN!!! That’s right! AMS are now in our fabulous new home.


What a wonderful, busy, chaotic time we’ve experienced here at Art Mania Studio of late.

As you are all well aware, we have made the big move across the street to bigger, better, brighter premises. Have you called in yet to say hi?

It is an incredibly fabulous big new building which that amazing staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly to organise and set up for your creative endeavours.



There are so many new workshops and events coming up here in the near future that you really don’t want to miss out on.


Some of those things include:

  • Our Grand Opening Event – watch this space, coming soon.
  • Wonderfully fabulous new classes and workshops on offer
  • Art Mania Exclusive Memberships
  • Wonderful new evenings of Chocolate and Creativity, Cheese, Wine and Art, Soup and Damper evenings and so much more.




Some of the new workshops include:

  • Furniture Upholstery
  • Shibori Dyeing
  • Android Smart Phone Basics
  • Embroidermending
  • Stop Animation and Time Lapse Photography
  • PMC
  • Glass Fusing and Slumping
  • Needle Felted Jewellery
  • Creative Use of Android Devices and Smart Phones
  • Stained Glass Copper Foiling
  • Webel Sculpture with Warm Glass Inclusions
  • Spinning and Weaving
  • Yarn Dyeing
  • Embroidery
  • Knitting and Crochet
  • and so much more



Exclusive VIP Memberships coming up which will entitle the VIP to amazing offers such as:

  • VIP Monthly Specials
  • Exclusive VIP Events
  • Early Bird Workshop Registrations
  • Customised Programs
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Priority Notification and more


Stay tuned for regular updates, class schedules, new workshops, exclusive events and so much more.