Is our Leadlight & Stained Glass Class for you? Are you are interested in exploring the world of colour and glass? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come along to Art Mania Studio and learn the techniques required to create on-going projects of your design and choosing.

Our Leadlight & Stained Glass class offers the opportunity to develop your skills in hands on environment. All levels are invited to attend, no experience is necessary: if you’re just starting out, need a refresher, or have experience working with the medium, our flexible tutors will cater to all backgrounds and abilities.

As a beginner you will master techniques including:

  • Designing for stained glass/leadlight
  • Drawing the ‘cutline’ of your working drawing
  • Accurately cutting glass to shape using glass cutters
  • Construction of your stained glass/leadlight project
  • Soldering
  • Cementing
  • Patina applications
  • Polishing

Students are required to wear enclosed shoes for any glass classes.

N.B. An additional material cost of $45 is payable when you commence, which covers tool hire and materials to complete your first project. Further requirements will be discussed by your teacher at your first class.

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Please Note: Full price of course is $275

Please Note: AMS will be closed from 22nd of December 2017 to 7th January 2018

Leadlight Class Information

Beginner’s leadlight classes are generally based around a 5 week block of classes where the participant will learn to complete a small leadlight panel. There is a choice of 3 designs, all catering to the different styles of glass cuts and techniques. Art Mania has a glass scrap section where beginner level students are able to choose free glass for their practice panel or alternatively you are able to purchase your own choice of colours from our range of retail stained glass. In your beginner course you are able to use the studio tools – think of it as a “try before you buy” system. By the time you have moved into week 4 or 5 of your beginner class, you will know if this is something you would like to continue with. At this point you will need to purchase your own basic tools. We have these made up in beginner’s kits at a discounted price for students.

It’s always a challenge to please everyone as we are all unique in our own ways. We try to be accommodating where possible so your time with us is enjoyable and ignites the creativity within.

Other materials you will need along the way:

  • Lead Came – this is what is used to house your glass together prior to soldering. The lead Came is purchased by the length. A length of Lead Came commences at approximately $6 per length. Approximately 4 to 6 lengths will be required to complete your project. We request students pay for their usage at the end of each class.
  • Solder – a full roll generally retails for $35, however to keep the initial costs to a minimum, we have small soldier kits done up for under $12.50.

Incidental Fee for Usage:

It can be quite expensive to embark into a new creative venture! At the studio we attempt to minimise the initial costs associated. The final stages that follow require additional materials, however as the studio uses large quantities and always have open containers for usage, we simply charge a fee of $8 to complete your panel without having to spend over $18 on each product.

  • Lead light putty and whitening – this is applied once you have completed your solder joins. It’s a messy stage, however gloves are provided for you. The putty and whitening is used to cement your glass into the Lead Came so it won’t move.
  • Patina and polish – this is the final stages of your panel!

Further Class Options

Once you have completed your Beginner Lead Light 5 week block, you have the options to continue on and create your own choice of works and designs. The ongoing fees to continue are reduced from $264 to $198 for 5 weeks.

Once you are competent working with glass, you also have other glass learning options: glass fusing, copper foiling and perhaps making glass wind chimes.