We want to tell a story.

In the safety & sanctuary of art.

Express all that is within, all that is without.

The silence ends here.

Join us to create a Global Voice.

Art Mania Studio opens their doors & invites expressions of interest from different groups and services to collaborate in the Global Voice Program.

Would your participants benefit from a positive, art focused experience?

Do they feel challenged by being silenced?

We provide the foundation for groups to come together & experience freedom of expression, through art, through voice & through positive group dynamics. Our art projects focus on the motif of LIPS, as a visual representation of self expression & being freed from silence.


WHO – Newcastle Family Support & Art Mania Studio work in partnership to assist women raising children looking to build their confidence.

AIM – Empowering Womens Voices through Art.

ART – Mosaic artworks with LIP motif’s

FUTURE – Large scale combined mosaic artwork to adorn the wall of a public space.

WHO – Majenta Moon’s Red Tent Circle

AIM – Providing a safe space for Women to create, share & support each other.

ART – Talisman’s & Orgonite designed to provide comfort & energetic support

FUTURE – Each month new creative projects, sacred practises & sharing topics explored.

Will your group or service be part of the Global Voice Program?

Get in touch to get a tailored program developed to suit your participants needs.

No art experience necessary, all welcome.