Frequently Asked Questions

What age must my child be to participate in weekly After School Classes?

Five years and up. We also have a teenage class available for high school students.

What age must my child be to participate in a holiday workshop or other class at Art Mania Studio?

Age required for participation is specific to each holiday workshop. These guidelines can be found in the description of the workshop. If the child is younger than the age stated parents must come along to assist them. For other courses such as Glass Fusing or lead lighting that your child may want to participate in, please contact us for further enquires.

Can parents attend workshops with their child?

Parents are free to come along and assist their child in their workshop and if they also wish to participate themselves they will receive a 50% accompanying parent discount.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we definitely do. We have gift vouchers that suit all budgets and are available from the studio or online

What should I bring to my workshop?

Enclosed shoes are a must at Art Mania Studio due to the glass activities held. All other equipment that is needed will be provided in the description on the workshop page.

I have a question about a class or workshop, where can I ask?

Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or call and speak to our friendly staff on 02 4955 0509 during office hours

Where do I keep updated with Art Mania Studio events and courses?

Join our E Newsletter! Simply scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and enter your details in the E Newsletter boxes and click submit, this will allow you to receive our email updates for studio courses, events and deals. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram #artmaniastudio

Do you run workshops at other venues? Such as schools, work, community venues?

We definitely do. We run workshops at other venues apart from the studio that we tailor to suit your needs such as drawing, mixed media, sculpture and more! Just email us at to discuss the event.

Booking Process

Can I pay a deposit for a workshop?

Yes you can, the prices listed on our website are a deposit to secure your spot in the workshop. The full price of the workshop is also listed in the additional details of the workshop.

Do I have to pay online?

You are able to pay online, over the phone or come into the studio and pay via card or cash. (cash payments are only available if you are in the studio)

How much must I deposit to secure my place in the class?

Each deposit is catered to the workshop’s price and length. Deposits can be paid online, over the phone or in-person with cash or credit card

How do I know if there are still available spaces in the course?

Availability is listed on the product page on the website.

If I pay a deposit or pay in full for a workshop or course in advance and the workshop is cancelled or I change my mind?

If for any reason the workshop is to be cancelled or you can no longer make it, we will transfer your deposit to the next date the workshop is running or to another course at Art Mania Studio.

Refund Policy

Art Mania Studio has a ‘No Refund’ policy except in circumstances where AMS cancels a course – in which case AMS will transfer the student into another course with no extra charges.

Non Refundable Circumstances

AMS will not usually refund course fees where the student requests the refund because they’

  • change their mind about attending the course after the course commences;
  • move out of the area;
  • if a student has not attended for a period of 3 months and has had no contact with the studio during this time the fees paid and any materials left at the studio will be forfeited.

Terms and Conditions

If I have already booked a workshop can I cancel or defer my booking?

If you have already booked your spot in a workshop, and are unable to attend it, please give us 2 business days’ notice in order for us to transfer you into another workshop of your choosing, otherwise your deposit is non-refundable.

Can someone else take my place for a workshop?

Yes, although you must contact us to enquire if they are suitable for the course (in the event there is prerequisite knowledge or a specific age range). We also must have all the replacement’s contact details so we can inform them of requirements and any announcements before the workshop begins.

Are there any extra costs involved on the day of the workshop?

Sometimes. The cost of extra materials can sometimes be added. Courses may also cover the cost of materials but participants who wish to delve into an even larger project can buy other materials to suit their idea. Please check the website description of the class or workshop carefully to know what your options are.