Pinata Alcohol Inks



Product Description

A beautiful range of highly saturated acid-free alcohol inks. Piñata Alcohol inks are available in assorted colours including 5 metallic colours in 120ml and 14ml sizes.They are more heavily pigmented than Ranger and Copic Alcohol inks to give an intense strong colour.

Can be dropped onto the top of wet resin for effects or can be used by themselves on a variety of substrates including Tiles & Yupo paper and Aluminium panel boards and coasters

*this product cannot be shipped internationally due to being Dangerous goods

Additional information


Blanco White 14ml, Sunbright Yellow 14ml, Tangerine 14ml, Calabaza Orange 14ml, Santa Fe Red 14ml, Chili Pepper Red 14ml, Senorita Magenta 14ml, Passion Purple 14ml, Sangria 14ml, Saphire Blue 14ml, Baja Blue 14ml, Lime Green 14ml, Rainforest Green 14ml, Burro Brown 14ml, Havana Brown 14ml, Shadow Grey 14ml, Mantilla Black 14ml, Rich Gold 14ml, Rich Gold 120ml, Silver 14ml, Silver 120ml, Brass 14ml, Brass 120ml, Copper 14ml, Copper 120ml, Pearl 14ml, Pearl 120ml, Claro Extender 28ml, Claro Extender 120ml, Cleanup Solution 28ml

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