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Let me introduce you to Sam, part of our team and also a member of Art Mania Studio’s Business Development Program.
Before we went into lockdown, we were supporting Sam at our studio in her art and personal development studies.  

Sam participated in an art session in February that combined the creative powers of paint and music.
Sam worked with art teacher Ashlee, who chose the music for the session and provides support for Sam’s visual impairment.

“It’s about being in the zone,” Ashlee explained. “Painting the movement of the music and what emotions might come up in connection to the music.”

“Painting to the music reminds me of meditation,” Sam says.
“When I’m painting, I’m not thinking about things. I’m connected to the music and I just paint what feels right.”

“Yes, it’s not about technique, or thinking about what colours to use,” Ashlee added. “It’s very freeing.”

As I watch Sam paint, I can see how she likens the process to meditation. There is mindfulness in the way she paints.
Dipping her brush in colours without hesitation, the instrumental music connects to her paintbrush to create lines and shapes.
There is an instinctive feel to this process, an emotional experience that flows from sound and the stillness of being. 

Painting is only one of the mediums Sam creates with at Art Mania Studio. She also works in clay, resin and mosaic mediums.

One of the challenges Sam faces now is how to continue her art now that she is in lockdown at home.
She is currently participating in online art sessions via Zoom, and we have invited Sam to share her thoughts with you through blog updates.

Stay tuned for some personal posts from Sam!


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Firstly, I’d like to invite you to take a deep breath.
Breathe in through your nose to the count of 4 and slowly exhale to the count of 4, do this 4 times.

Wonderful, now enjoy some nurturing information to help you during this strange time.

The left hand side of our brains are extremely active during times of stress as we cognitively try to find solutions to the problem we face.
When there is no solution, our mind can loop and the body continually produces cortisol and hormones that ignite our fight, flight or freeze response.
Not a good way to live!

So, how do we move out of that and into a more relaxed space by doing things that stimulate the right hand side of the brain – let’s get creative!

Your left hand brain controls:

  • Analytic thought
  • Logic
  • Language
  • Reasoning
  • Science and math
  • Written
  • Numbers and skills
  • Right-hand control

Your right hand brain controls:

  • Art awareness
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Insight
  • Holistic thought
  • Music awareness
  • 3D forms
  • Left-hand control

Art Awareness & Creativity

Draw, doodle, paint, make sculptures out of recycled things, plant something in the garden, make a nature mandala – be creative with what’s around you.

Imagination & Intuition

Tell stories and make them as elaborate as possible. Improve your intuition using practises like meditation, journaling or automatic writing. Ask a question and see what comes. Trust your feeling sense and follow it to do something that your being needs in order to relax the nervous system.

Play music, dance, sing, make shadow puppets or play dress ups.

We have a unique opportunity to shift our focus to our internal world and the private space of our home. What’s something you never had time for? What hobby could you start or study you can partake in that will nourish you and feed your heart and mind?

Talk to friends and family, stay connected and be creative.

Art Mania Studio wishes everyone a safe and healthy time at home.

We will be offering DIY art project kits and video tutorials very soon. These can be posted out and done at home to keep you having a creative outlet that feeds your soul.

Drumming for wellness

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Drum your way to happy!

Drumming has been used in traditional cultures for centuries – for celebration, marking community events, healing and social connection.  It is only in recent times that we have now gained scientific understanding of how group drumming benefits us socially, emotionally and biologically.  There is a host of neurochemical and autonomic changes that occur in our brains when we participate in drumming – it is understood that these changes bring about feelings of social connection, safety, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and an overall sense of positivity.  It is likely that musical rhythm operates on parts of the brain that also mediate blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and potentially cognitive and motor functions.

Rhythm is part of the human experience soon after conception where our earliest development happens on the backdrop of our mothers heartbeat.  Humans are intrinsically habitual, patterned or “rhythmic” beings – rhythms that carry on largely, without our conscious awareness.  It is not surprising that our bodies respond in such a profound way to rhythm!

Drumming for Wellness is run by Alison, an experienced Occupational Therapist.  Occupational Therapists are holistic health professionals who are trained to combine science and creativity to help people engage meaningfully in life.  Alison has worked for many years with people who have had to regain their rhythm after experiencing injury, illness, disability and trauma.  Drumming became a passion for Alison after buying her very own djembe (hand drum) on a whim in a music store 13 years ago.  Since then she has played in bands and drum circles and now uses drumming in a rehabilitation healthcare setting where she currently works.

Check out our video introduction to Drumming for Wellness on YouTube.